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Charity And Not-For-Profits

Charity, Education, Childcare, SEND

Autism’s Hidden Voices


Raising awareness and educating communities to embrace and accept people with autism.

Charity, Coaching

United We Rise Uk


I am an advocate of supporting small businesses, entrepreneurs and improving relationships with parents, children, families. Qualified Mentor & Coach to our Kings and Queens

I am the proud founder of ‘United We Rise Uk’ offering mentoring, counselling, How to deal with Trauma, Group sessions, One to One sessions, guidance, tutoring, PTSD assistance, gang entanglement, financial aid, the disadvantaged, work experience, highlighting unsigned/undiscovered talent, befriending, life skills, domestic violence, Narcissism, child sex abuse/black history, empowering, karate, self defence, single parent assistance, bereavement counselling, employment opportunities, financial aid, grooming awareness etc... Business management and so much more....

We unite establishments with black owned businesses, institutions, organisations and educational establishments by collaborating promoting and utilising services. Empowering our community. Creating economical growth and employment opportunities.
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