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Below  the video is the most recent update on grants from Charity Excellence and their video on the 4 steps to funding bid success.
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The latest New Funders Uploaded Are Below

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E&HRC Legal Support Scheme Funding

Legal practitioners can now apply for support towards their clients’ race discrimination cases, in England, Scotland and Wales. There are various rates for the different types of support and locations. No deadline.

Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund

Part £15 million allocated across Scotland to support mental health and wellbeing in communities. Initiatives that promote mental health and wellbeing for adults (16+) at small scale, grassroots, community level. The link is to the North Ayrshire funding (Scotland). It is for groups whose income is no more than £1m. Three tiers; up to £2,000, up to £10,000 and a few allocations of up to £50,000. Deadline 6 Jan.

Fife Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund

To develop a culture of mental wellbeing and prevention within local communities and across Scotland with improved awareness of how we can all stay well and help ourselves and others. Two rounds. Deadlines: midnight 1 Dec and midnight 19 Jan. Organisations operating in Fife can apply for grants of around £10k, with up to £50k for exceptional projects. Thanks UK Fundraising.

ENGIE's Regeneration Fund for Enterprise

Up to £5000 for education, training and enterprise initiatives within Northampton East. Deadline 28 Jan.

Shetland Islands COVID-19 Discretionary Fund

A grant to Shetland (Scotland) businesses who have experienced financial challenges as a result of the pandemic. Businesses must have experienced a financial impact as a result of the pandemic, but have been ineligible for any other Scottish Government support schemes. Sole Traders and Micro Businesses = £4,000, Small Businesses £10,000. Deadline 13 Dec.

2021/22 Haringey Fairer Education Fund (HFEF)

To make access to higher education fairer as part of our wider ambitions to create a more equal borough (London). The following costs will be reimbursed: UCAS application fee, 2 university campus visits/open days. Deadline 20 Dec.


Southwark Culture Together Grants (London)

Open to Southwark’s arts and culture organisations to support a more sustainable and inclusive culture sector. 'Small Grants’ (£5,000 to £10,000) and ‘Big Grants’ (£10,001 to £25,000). Deadline: 9am 20 Dec.

Scottish Government - Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund

The new Fund has been established with £15 million allocated to support mental health and wellbeing in communities across Scotland. Grass roots community groups and third sector organisations will be able to benefit from the funds to deliver activities and programmes to people to reconnect and revitalise communities building on examples of good practice which have emerged throughout the pandemic. Click the link to check your area.

Rosa - Rise Fund

Investing in the future of Black and minoritised-led women’s and girls’ organisations, with an average annual income of less than £100,000. Up to £40k to be in a stronger position to survive, thrive and grow into the future. Deadline 5pm 10 Jan.

Meridian Water Community Chest (London)

Enfield Council has launched a new fund aimed at community groups and not-for-profits working in Edmonton. Small grants of up to £2,500 and large grants of up to £60,000. Deadline 23 Dec.

Mayor’s Safer Communities Fund (West Yorkshire)

£180,000 in grants available for voluntary, community groups, charities and partners. Themes: Keeping women and girls safe, Diversity, equality, and inclusion and Early intervention and prevention. Deadline 17 Dec.

Dorset Neighbourhood Fund

Grants of up to £5,000 for Dorset groups, with income up to £250k, whose work addresses local issues, social problems, poverty and disadvantage. Deadline midday 14 Jan.

Glasgow Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund

Grants up to £10k to improve mental well-being. Applications from small voluntary groups and clubs particularly welcome. Two deadlines: midday on 10 Jan and 7 Feb.

Aberdeen Health Improvement Fund

Deadline of 20 Dec 4pm. For new initiatives that will improve health and wellbeing in communities across Aberdeen, either geographical communities or communities of interest. Up to £10,000.

Community Monuments Fund 2022 (Ireland)

To protect our monuments for the benefit of local communities and visitors. Invests in archaeological heritage and helps owners and custodians of archaeological monuments to safeguard them into the future for the benefit of communities and the public. Grants in excess of Euro 30k.

Redrow Community Fund Knutsford (Cheshire)

Good causes in and around Knutsford. £10,000 community fund. No deadline provided.

Buckinghamshire Council - Household Support Grant Fund

To support households in the most need with food, energy, and water bills during the Winter. Funds can be used to cover costs related to these areas and other essential costs. Open to organisations which are already supporting residents with food and other essentials or are looking to set up a project to support individuals and families with these needs.

Warwickshire Social Impact Fund

Open to VCSE organisations and town and parish councils. To enable targeted interventions to support Warwickshire’s communities and enable community-based support for those disproportionately impacted by COVID. This may include extending or introducing specialist support; or providing additional community-based support where the effects of COVID are felt more keenly. Capital and revenue funding. Grants £25k to £50k. Deadline 30 Dec.

Social Enterprise Net Zero Transition Fund

To support Scottish social sector organisations (SSO) to become carbon neutral, and develop the circular economy. Particularly interested in supporting activities that will reduce carbon footprint. Loans from £10,000. SSO’s who have a particular circular economy focus or are proposing specific projects with a focus on re-use, repair and leasing/sharing models, may also be eligible for a grant award (up to £20k). No deadline.

Corra Foundation - Winter Support Small Grants Fund

Charities and community groups across Scotland, with income under £100k, who can pass the funding on to families and individuals on low incomes. Up to £5k. Deadline Noon, 27 Jan.

Highlands and Islands Climate Change Community Grant,

Grants up to £4,500 to community groups in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to work with a researcher to run a project exploring a local climate issue that matters to them. Deadline 31 Jan.

Bedfordshire Community Recovery Fund

To tackle the impacts of Covid in the community and work to help fair recovery from the pandemic. Grants of up to £25,000 over 2 years can be considered, although a handful of larger requests (up to £50k over 2 years) may also be considered also. Key priorities: Mental health (incl work delivered from outside the clinical sector that supports mental health), Social isolation (incl carers respite), People vulnerable and made vulnerable by Covid, and BAME communities and women disproportionately impacted by Covid. Deadline 3 Jan.

Luton Youth Fund

To maintain programmes for tackling the exploitation of children (11 to 18) and young people in Luton (Bedfordshire) such as gang associated behaviour, serious youth violence or sexual exploitation, which encompass a multi-agency approach. For aged between 11 and 18 across Luton. Grants £1,500 to £50,000. Deadline 20 Dec.

Scottish Music Centre - CPD Fund

To support individuals and organisations who work with children and young people on out-of-school music projects. Open until the funds are spent.

Colmcille Legacy Award

A small national award scheme to commemorate the life and cultural legacy of Colmcille. The project offers monthly arts awards and online exhibition to profile and support Gaelic artists work, aligned to themes of Colmcille. Closes Dec 21.

Youth Music Network – Recharge Fund

Recovery grants up to £90,000 for not-for-profit organisations which support young people to ‘make, learn or earn in music’. Deadline 14 Jan.

UKRI - Circular economy for SMEs

UK registered SME businesses can apply for a share of up to £1 million to research, test and develop step-change circular economy approaches. Deadline 11am 8 Dec.

Antrim and Newtownabbey - Covid Community Support Programme

Open to community and voluntary groups in Antrim and Newtownabbey (Northern Ireland). The Covid-19 fund has two strands. Community Recovery Programme – £2,000 - capacity building, events, talks and tours. Tackling Fuel Poverty Programme – £2,000, for most vulnerable including children and young people; carers; older people; people living with a disability and anyone who has lost income as a result of Covid. Deadline 4 pm, 3 Dec.

Corra Foundation - Drug Service Funds Micro Grants

Focused on small Scottish community-based groups, with income under £50k, which deliver frontline services to support people who use or used drugs, people in recovery and families affected by someone else’s drug use. Grants £1,000 to £10,000 pa for up to 5 years. Rolling application programme.

Corra Foundation - Drugs Services Fund: Local Support Fund

Focused on Scottish community-based organisations which deliver frontline services to support people who use or used drugs, people in recovery and families affected by someone else’s drug use. Up to £50,000 pa for 5 years, which can be used for existing or expanded service delivery, general running costs, staffing, equipment, etc. Open to organisations with an annual income of up to £500,000 i.e. charities, social enterprises, community groups and other voluntary organisations. Rolling application programme.

Corra Foundation - Henry Duncan Micro Grants

Open to small Scottish charities and voluntary groups, with income under £50k, supporting communities experiencing disadvantage to improve mental health and wellbeing by reducing isolation and loneliness. This includes Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and rural communities. Grants up to £1000. Deadline 12pm, 23 Dec.

Aberbrothock Skea Trust

A very small fund., but I went to school in Arbroath, so had to include this one. Charities generally in the East of Scotland, North of the River Tay. The trustees also give special support to children's, medical, wildlife and army and ex-service welfare charities. Applications can be submitted at any time. The trustees meet in Mar, Aug and Dec.

Your Best Friend

Empowering all 13-24 year old girls, young women, and non-binary people with knowledge and confidence to help their friends. Distributing £300,000 in grants to organisations and groups based in England and Wales to create their own ideas and projects. Estimate 30-40 small grants of £1,000 - £10,000 and 6-8 large grants between £10,000 and £25,000. Small grants rolling programme. Large grant deadlines 18 Feb and 20 May.

Masonic Charitable Foundation 2021/22 - Re-Imaging Day Hospice Services

Grants up to £35,000, to make better use of technology - building on recent experiences gained during COVID-19, technological innovations offer the opportunity to make transformative shifts in patient-centred care models. Projects could include: Capital costs for redeveloping a Day Room to include use of technology, Equipment, marketing/publicity material and resources, Staff training, Equipment for patients or Telephone support. Deadline 14 Feb.

Hopkins Plunkett Communities Scheme

One-to-one support to groups in Norfolk and, also, Suffolk, rural Essex and Cambridgeshire, which will include free practical support from Plunkett’s national network of specialist community businesses advisers. All forms of community business are able to get support, advice and guidance on a range of issues including governance guidance, cash flow advice and business planning, volunteer recruitment and management, accessing funding and navigating government support schemes.


National Lottery Community Fund - Platinum Jubilee Fund

70 UK projects to mark Her Majesty the Queen’s 70th Jubilee. Focus areas: Across Generations – Strengthening relationships between generations and creating a legacy for future generations. Community Renewal – Supporting new opportunities for people to develop skills and experiences, as well as opportunities to bring people together in new ways, and in new or different places and spaces. Our Shared Natural World – Deepening our care and action locally for the natural world. Grants from £30,000 to £50,000. Deadline 5pm 15 Dec.

National Lottery Heritage Fund - Jubilee Fund

£5m for communities across the UK to re-connect with the nature on their doorstep. From wilding verges and sowing meadows, to digging ponds and creating highways for nature, communities will be encouraged to take action to help natural green spaces flourish as a legacy of the Platinum Jubilee. An additional £2m will create 70 paid placements for young people from under-served and disadvantaged backgrounds. No other details available yet.


Arts Council England - Let’s Create Jubilee Fund (Opens Jan 22)

A £5m programme that will support voluntary and community organisations in England to develop creative and cultural activities as part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. It will be administered by Community Foundations. Grants £750 - £10,000. Deadline 28 Feb 22. Guidance will be available on UK Community Foundation website in early December.

Power To Change - Powering Up

Tailored support package for community businesses is worth up to £20,000 in total, and includes: Paid access to support providers (up to £9,000), Professional development and wellbeing support (up to £3,000) and an £8,000 unrestricted grant. Thanks Dave at SSE. Deadline 12 Dec. Further rounds in 2022.

Arts Council England - Let’s Create Jubilee Fund

A £5m programme that will support voluntary and community organisations in England to develop creative and cultural activities as part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations with grants of up to £10,000. It will be administered by Community Foundations. No other details yet.

Arts Council England - Let’s Create Jubilee Fund (Opens Jan 22)

A £5m programme that will support voluntary and community organisations in England to develop creative and cultural activities as part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. It will be administered by Community Foundations. Grants £750 - £10,000. Deadline 28 Feb 22. Guidance will be available on UK Community Foundation website in early December.

UK Government - Volunteering Futures Fund

£7m fund to help organisations in the civil society, arts, sports, culture, youth and heritage sectors improve access to volunteering. It will have a strong focus on young people, those experiencing loneliness, those with disabilities and those from ethnic minority backgrounds. DCMS has given £550k to the Pears Foundation and £600k to NHS Charities, which are both matching the funds. See separate entry for the Arts Council England £4.7m.


Surrey Community Foundation - 2022 Grants

In 2022 application rounds will be themed. Young People – supporting the range of challenges faced by young people. Deadline 9am 25 Apr, Wellbeing – Advance people’s wellbeing, physical and mental health and safety. Deadline 9am 25th Jul. Equity & Inclusion – Reduce disadvantage and increase access to services, strengthen community cohesion and build social capacity. Deadline 9am 10 Oct 22.


Surrey Community Foundation - Winter Grants

Grants to projects in need of emergency/crisis funding to support an increased number of people facing poverty by strengthening community initiatives, including a focus on activity that helps address the root causes of food poverty. They will also accept emergency requests from previous grantees. During Dec to Mar, the Foundation will not have a deadline for applications but will operate a rolling programme responding to Crisis. Up to £10k.


Circular Future Fund: The Million Pound Challenge

Trailblazing ideas and innovations to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy. Funding for projects which will have a measurable impact and a clear legacy. They are looking for innovators with pioneering new approaches to challenge the outdated ’take, make, dispose’ model. Examples include rethinking waste with new products or materials, finding creative ways to shift consumer mindsets or developing new business models and services. The 3 focus areas are: Textiles, Household products, technology and services, and Food. They will support a small number of high quality, innovative projects. Grants of between £150,000-£300,000. Deadline 9 Jan.

Scottish Government Business Ventilation Fund

To help organisations, in the Highlands & Islands, improve ventilation and air quality on their premises to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Organisations can claim up to £2,500 per eligible premises to recover the costs of carrying out work to improve ventilation and air quality. Deadline 31 Mar, or once funds have been allocated.

Groundwork - One Stop Community Partnership

Successful applicants will receive an initial grant of £1000 and begin a partnership with their local One Stop store. Grants for community groups or organisations operating within 2 miles of a One Stop store and which are; Tackling food poverty, Supporting the vulnerable, elderly and/or low-income families, or running youth sports teams. They will also receive tailored support from the store teams to increase or improve their service by assisting in areas such as volunteering support, fundraising and awareness-raising. No deadline, but check the funder website to see if your store has funding. They have 900 stores across the UK.

Creative Lives - Together Again Micro Grants

As creative groups start to meet up in person again, Creative Lives is offering 18 micro-grants of £300 each to help make that happen in Scotland. In particular, these grants are to help groups or projects based in places, or with participants, experiencing deprivation. Deadline 31 Jan.

Arts Council England - Volunteering Futures Programme

To create more and better volunteering opportunities for people who experience loneliness or barriers to volunteering and in areas where there are fewer volunteering opportunities. EOIs 7 December. Your project needs to be for £100,001 or over, but there is no maximum.


National Churches Trust - Gateway Grant Programme

Grants from £3,000 to £10,000 for urgent and essential maintenance and repair projects costing between £10,000 and £100,000. Also grants of between £3,000 and £10,000 to local church trusts for projects that support organisational development, increase their capacity or that deliver new ways of supporting churches. Deadline 13 Jan, 12 May and 15 Sep.

UKRI - Circular economy for SMEs

UK registered businesses can apply for a share of up to £1 million to research, test and develop step-change circular economy approaches. Deadline 8 Dec.

Heritage Compass

For small to medium heritage organisation in England. A free 12-month programme. Gain access to business resilience training, 1-1 support from a critical friend and mentor, a national symposium and a new network of heritage organisations. Deadline 16 Dec.

Glasgow Council For Voluntary Organisations (Scotland)

My home town, so definitely to be included, although they do great work anyway. They can help non-profits in Glasgow to develop a diverse fundraising strategy that promotes financial resilience, organisational independence and future sustainability. From grant funding to community fundraising and increasingly digital giving, they offer a variety of training, support and free resources.

Global Methane Reduction Fund

An alliance of more than 20 philanthropic organisations have partnered with the intention of committing than $223 million (just over £163m) to reducing methane emissions around the world. The commitment is described as the largest private pledge to reduce methane emissions globally. Thanks UK Fundraising.

UK Government - Vulnerable Renters Fund

Vulnerable renters struggling due to the impact of the pandemic will be helped by a £65m support package. The funding will be given to councils in England to support low-income earners in rent arrears – helping to prevent homelessness and support families get back on their feet.

UK Government - Rough Sleepers Winter Fund

Rough sleepers in England will be helped into safe and warm accommodation and treatment services for drug and alcohol dependency this winter, supported by an extra £66m. The support will help rough sleepers off the streets at a time of year when they face falling temperatures and give them an opportunity to turn their lives around by ending the cycle of addiction.

Museum Galleries Scotland - Small Grants Fund

Accredited museums can apply for between £300 and £15,000, and non-accredited museums can apply for between £300 and £10,000. Grants can be used to help build resilience, improve engagement, fund repairs and maintenance, and improve environmental sustainability. The next deadline 28 Jan 22.

Armed Forces Day

A grant for Armed Forces Day events up to £10,000, depending on the size and format of the event. This grant is match-funded and can cover up to half the total cost of the event. For example, If the total cost of the event is £10,000 and you raise £5,000, the grant could cover up to £5,000.

UN Partner Portal

Funding Finder - The UN Secretariat, UNFPA, UNHCR, UNICEF and WFP, with operational support from UNICC, have joined forces to deliver the UN Partner Portal, designed to bring about a harmonized, efficient and easy collaboration between Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and their UN partners.

Care & Wellbeing Fund

To develop and scale community-based services, particularly for those suffering from long term conditions such as cancer. This is a new means of investing in and scaling community care, and aims to create services that allow people to access the services they need, when and where they need them. The Fund will look at investing across the continuum of care from prevention to end of life care. It will provide the financial support, advice and incubation required to allow commissioners, social enterprises and third sector organisations to deliver better outcomes in health and social care.

Culture Bridge North East Fund

Grants of up to £1,500 to support collaborations between education and youth settings, arts practitioners and cultural organisations anywhere in NE England. Priority to projects which improve access to high quality arts provision for those who would otherwise face barriers to taking part. Deadline 5 Jan 22.

Funders in SW London

Funding Finder - a list of local grant makers for Wandsworth, Merton and Lambeth - SW12 and SW17.

Barnet Community Innovation Fund - Small Grants

Small projects up to £2,000 on an ongoing basis. All projects must: be based in Barnet (London), take place between Jan 22 and Feb 23, start within 2 months of receiving the grant run for 6 to 12 months. We encourage applications that focus on communities with poorer health outcomes. The fund is available for charities with projects that support 1 of our funding priorities: Mental health and wellbeing support, projects that promote equality, diversity and inclusion, especially related to health, sustainable green spaces for healthy leisure projects.

Partner-Up Fund

Funding for collaborative arts-for-social-change initiatives, inspired by collective responses to COVID-19'. Groups of organisations with a shared idea for an arts-for-social-change project are invited to apply for one of two funding grants - up to £30,000 per project. Organisations can be based anywhere in the world, but the lead partner must be a registered UK charity or CIC.

Arete Foundation

Funding and support to charitable organisations that help young people in NW England. Two funding streams. One-off unrestricted grants for small community organisations. Typical one-off grants of £2,000-£2,500. The Foundation aims to support organisations with a turnover of less than £500,000. Long-term funding partnerships for small North West charities that want to strengthen and grow. Typical grants of £10,000-£30,000 pa for 3 years, to scale or strengthen operational health.

Activist Legal Fund

To pay cash ‘boosts’ to activists arrested for climate activism. It was designed “to get money to activists who face the greatest risk when taking direct action.” As a result, he was keen that the boosts supported “activists of colour, LGBTIQ+, people with a disability or those at intersections”, given the systemic barriers and dangers they face.

Arts Council England - National Portfolio 2023 onwards

Information about the National Portfolio investment process for 2023 onwards, including who can apply, the timeline for applying and how to prepare. Full guidance for applicants will be published in Jan 22, before applications open Feb until Apr 22.

Denman Charitable Trust - Emergency Funding

Small registered charities in Bristol, NE Somerset and S Gloucestershire at risk of closure due to Covid may apply for emergency funding.  £100,000 for distribution before April 2022. Priority to those who have previously received funding, but requests will be considered from any charity struggling to survive. Deadline 3 Dec.

Mayor Of London - Untold Stories

Expect projects will mainly fall into two categories: creating new objects that increase diversity and representation in London’s public spaces; projects that provide context, insight or draw attention to invisible, contested or absent heritage in London’s public spaces. All projects must be community-led. Grants £1k to £25k for constituted community groups and non profits in Greater London, with income under £0.5m pa. Deadline 12 Jan.


Oxfordshire Community Foundation - Resilience Fund

Up to £10,000 for registered charities, community groups and social enterprises to tackle social isolation, loneliness and additional mental health issues, including families/parents, older people, people living in rural areas, those who self-identify as LGBTQ+, and people living with learning disabilities or mental health problems. Funding for running costs, multiple activities, events and collaborative projects such as 1:1 support, helplines, and workshops.

Leeds Fund: Micro Grants

To improve the lives of the people in their communities through volunteer led activities that aim to make a positive difference. Funding for individuals who are active in the community (sometimes called social entrepreneurs) or un-incorporated and un-constituted groups with income of under £2,500 in the past 12 months or who are new to funding. Grant Size: £100 to £500.

Partner-Up Fund (opens 5 Oct)

Funding for collaborative arts-for-social-change initiatives, inspired by collective responses to COVID-19'. Groups of organisations with a shared idea for an arts-for-social-change project are invited to apply for one of two funding grants - up to £30,000 per project. Organisations can be based anywhere in the world, but the lead partner must be a registered UK charity or CIC.

Issa Foundation

The advancement of education, health and employment of people in need, in particular disadvantaged communities. The charity may also promote other identified projects from time to time. Works globally, particularly Africa and Asia. Spend £7.4m.

Alexander Mosely Charitable Trust

The Trust supports diverse charitable causes that promote fairness, truth, a rational scientific ethos; the unbiased interpretation of evidence; access to justice and access to education. It supports core scientific research and research with more obvious applications and has taken a particular interest in supporting and promoting new knowledge in areas that other organisations find difficult to support, in spite of their obvious scientific promise. Spend £7.9m pa.

Aberdeen Foundation

General Charitable Purposes, Education/training and the Relief Of Poverty. Throughout England And Wales, Argentina, Barbados, Chile, Israel and the United States. Spend £10.7m.

Stelios Philanthropic Foundation

Supports a diverse range of charitable activities, primarily in places where the founder has lived and worked – the UK, Greece, Cyprus and Monaco. The Charity Commission entry lists other countries. Funding scholarships for students, supporting entrepreneurship with cash prizes to stimulate economic growth/job creation, donating money to charities and operating programme in Greece-Cyprus 'Food from the heart' that offers daily snacks to people in need. Spend £3.7m.

Bradford Fund - Resilience

To encourage strategic development work alongside daily delivery. Grant £10,000 and is unrestricted, but is intended to support organisations in their strategic development to increase resilience and give them the best chance of thriving in the future. A proportion can be used to fund delivery activity to support these strategic aims, for example to test a new area of work or work with community to undertake evaluation activities, but it is not a regular project grant.

UK Government - Safer Streets Fund (Round 3)

Police and local authorities have successfully bid for a share of £23.5m funding to go towards projects aimed at improving the safety of public spaces, particularly for women and girls.