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2021 BAME 50 Under 50 Entrepreneurs

Nadine Campbell named amongst the startup elite in the Top 50 BAME Under 50 Entrepreneurs 2021
In the words of Techround: "This awards elite startup's and individuals who are diversifying the UK’s startup landscape and who continue to break boundaries and take on propositions that are out of their comfort zone".


IPSE 2021 Success Story Award Winner

It's a proud moment to win this national award, which increases the impact we can make to support and grow black-owned businesses and promote diversity and inclusion for start-up businesses.

Thank you to everyone who has joined ACE as a member, collaborator, adviser, supporter, client or partner. We did it!

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ACE Investment Program
Business Mondays

Fantastic to have our ACE Entrepreneurs Investment Program featured in Business Mondays! Here I share why we started the program and what we are looking to achieve in 2021.


We always appreciate the press, which helps share the positive initiatives we are running for the diverse led business community, to a wider audience.

Check out it!

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ACE Investment Initiatives
Technology Dispatch

A recent study has shown at least 78% of black entrepreneurs had no formal funding at all and only 14% received startup loans, guaranteed by the government. Kevin Edwards and I are actively disrupting the lack of funding to help scale and support promising businesses via ACE Entrepreneurs.

You can read the full article here or reach out to us for an informal chat.

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Angel Investing
UK Fundraising

News of the ACE Entrepreneurs Investment Program has reached Fundraising UK Ltd and we are featured in their round-up of the best UK funding opportunities!


We have already raised £10k for this round however, with more investors we can fund and support more promising diverse led businesses in 2021 and beyond. All of which puts more money back into our economy.
Click to read the full press release below

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Disrupting Diverse Investing
Angel News

Amazing to see the ACE Entrepreneurs Investment Program is featured in AngelNews! With such great publications sharing information on our initiative, we increase awareness about how small, diverse-owned businesses can receive our bespoke funding.

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Inspirational Woman

We Are The City

It is fantastic to feature as Inspiration Woman in 2021! We Are They City is an amazing publication and others that have been inspiration women include Cherie Blair, Paula RadcliffeMBE, Caprice Bourret, Anna Williamson and many more.

This article is a great overview of my career, challenges and achievements to date. If you want to get to know more about the founder of ACE - this article does exactly that. click below to read the full article.

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Boosting Diversity

We Are The City

Having a diverse workforce has so many benefits. A recent McKinsey report revealed that companies that are the most racial and ethnically diverse, are 36% more likely to have financial returns that are above average for their industry. Having a more diverse workforce, in most cases means you are more likely to represent the needs of all of your customers.


So what steps can companies take to really address this and avoid it merely being a tick box exercise? Check out my article to read more.

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Edge Magazine 

Here I briefly write about the changing landscape within the workplace, with ways to tackle and break the cycle, for or the The Institute of Leadership and Management. ACE Entrepreneurs is champion of diversity in business, focusing on ways to deliver tangible change and impact - for both entrepreneurs and organisations.In most cases, the change can begin with individuals; how we speak to each other, which partners and suppliers we use and identifying behaviours which leads to intersectionality.