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The Diverse Panel

The Diverse Panel gathers diverse consumer data to provide tailored insights for brand reviews and decision-making. Our reports offer aggregated data and key insights on key consumers.

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The Diverse Panel is a dynamic organization committed to amplifying diverse voices and providing fair compensation for their opinions. Founded by individuals from diverse communities and serving as champions of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), The Diverse Panel operates in three key areas.

Their first focus is on amplifying the voices of diverse consumers who are often overlooked in the UK market. With approximately 10.8 million or 16% of total UK consumers being from Black, Asian, or Multi-Ethnic backgrounds, there is a significant opportunity to tap into this demographic. In fact, the group with African/Caribbean heritage alone possesses up to £4.5 billion of annual disposable income. By accessing and understanding this group, brands can offer more relevant services and goods, benefiting both the consumers and the businesses that cater to them. Moreover, embracing authentic diversity and inclusion practices not only aligns with the right thing to do but also provides brands with a competitive edge, leading to increased brand acquisition and retention.

The Diverse Panel collaborates with brands to enhance their DEI efforts in various ways. They review services, products, and approaches to ensure they cater to diverse consumers effectively. Through segmented reports tailored to specific audience types, The Diverse Panel provides high levels of insights that aid in customer retention and acquisition goals. Additionally, they offer access to diverse consumer sets, enabling brands to gather opinions and ideas for shaping future products. This inclusive approach helps brands reach larger target markets, future-proof their inclusivity, and ensure they remain relevant in an evolving consumer landscape.

Segmented data plays a vital role in informing brand strategies, and The Diverse Panel excels in this domain. By capturing the full diversity of opinions from all customer sets, brands can enhance their targeting accuracy and inclusivity. The Diverse Panel provides comprehensive and diverse data, including insights on shopping habits across five key genres. This data is segmented by demographics and geolocation, enabling brands to gain rich and granular insights into their customer base. As part of ACE Entrepreneurs, a multi-award-winning organization, The Diverse Panel incorporates data on black-owned businesses, an important segment contributing £74 billion to the UK economy. With one of the largest independent black business communities in the UK, they offer invaluable insights into this demographic.

The Diverse Panel empowers brands to register for diverse data through their secure client portal. This portal allows brands to submit bespoke projects, request panels, or subscribe to regular reports, ensuring they have access to tailored information that aligns with their specific needs.

The Diverse Panel is an influential organization that champions diverse voices and provides brands with valuable insights to drive inclusive strategies. Their commitment to DEI practices, comprehensive data collection, and collaborative approach with brands contribute to creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive business landscape.

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