Creating Your ACE Profile Page

Updated: May 26, 2020

Creating your ACE profile is easy. Its made up of 3 simple sections

1. Quick Facts

Tell us a little about you, imagine you have 30 secs.. heres an example below:

Mother of a 3 year old, youngest sister of 3, Jamaican heritage, Buckinghamshire born, living in London, keen traveller, naturalista, photographer, massive foodie, homeowner, mostly responsible daughter.

2. Brief Work History

Use this section to talk about your work and business endeavours to date. Try to aim for max 4 short paragraphs, to keep readers engaged.

What did you study, what jobs have you had, what is your business, what products do you sell etc

Look here for an example:

3. Big Goals

Here is where you express your current 3 big goals. Keep them short and succinct.

Think about what they are, rather than how you will achieve them at this point.

Here's a example:

  1. Create the largest group of UK diverse female entrepreneurs

  2. Practice a good work / life balance, with more stability

  3. Help as many entrepreneurs as possible to business success

Thats it, You profile is complete. Now you can start following other members to see their profile, blog and forum posts.

Any questions - please reach out to me. feel free to update and amend your profile at any point.

Many Thanks

Nadine Campbell

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