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Simone Ujah

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Ignited Coaching and Mentoring delivers quality services in Life Coaching and Mentoring that meets each individuals needs. 


I am a Qualified Youth and Community Worker with 15 years experience of working with young people. I am a Certified Life Coach with 3 years experience of coaching young people and adults. I have been working within the Criminal Justice System for 6 years. I also have a podcast called The Re-Education Podcast that brings awareness and lived experience of Racism within the Black Community.


Services provided:

Mentoring - Providing a tailored service to those seeking Information, Advice, Guidance and Professional opinions on specific areas. From business development, career progression within my areas of expertise, shared lived experience and much more.

Coaching - Support with goal setting, identifying steps and barriers to achieving set goals. I also provide a deeper level of coaching, known as transformational coaching, which focuses on growth and change, really exploring under the surface and supporting a process of lasting change.

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Life Coaching

60 mins


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Transformational Life Coaching 

90 mins


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Self-Love, Happiness/ Balance

45 - 120 mins


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Coaching Discovering Session

30 mins


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