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Sponsorship and Investment

ACE welcomes discussions with investors, sponsors and potential partners, which align with our core ethics; to fully support businesses led by diverse, female entrepreneurs.

We have several opportunities already available including: working with ACE to secure funding for the best and brightest entrepreneurs, joining our roster of recommended investors and investment directly into ACE; so we can continue to support nurture and grow our community, online and event sponsorships.

Have a look at the options below - we look forward to working with you.

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Entrepreneurs Investment

Our investor roster specifically supports diverse entrepreneurs. We are currently expanding this list for new Investors. Together we can significantly increase funding offered for this demographic, currently standing at under 2% of all UK investments.


We are proud to have some of the best diverse led UK businesses as members of ACE and we hand pick all of our members, many of which are looking for investment and pair them with the right investors that align with their businesses. 

ACE Investment

We are pleased to now accept outside funding from investors, that align with our business ethics and goals. ACE Entrepreneurs was set up with the goal to create a community solely focus on and support diverse women. With the vision to significantly improve funding, support and growth for their businesses. We welcome investors who are keen support us in this mission.

ACE Sponsorship

Contact us for bespoke sponsorship opportunities, including providing online content and our future live events. We are a unique diverse, female first company and welcome discussions about sponsorships, partnerships, bespoke opportunities to support our brand, that aligns with our core ethics.

Please use the contact form below to express your interest and to discuss this further.

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